Write the Perfect Resume to Stand Out: An Overseas Remote Workers Guide

Working Remotely is the New Normal

In the past several years, the world has seen a huge boom in remote work setup. Whether working from home setup or in a coworking space, telecommuting has been the choice employment structure of both employers and applicants.

If you are applying for a remote job opening, your resume should contain several elements for it to stand out and appeal to recruitment specialists. Here’s a guide for overseas remote workers to craft the perfect resume and stand out from the rest:

Highlight your experience in summative form.

Remember, you are not the only person applying for a job virtually. In fact, since the massive globalization of employment, geographical barriers don’t mean anything anymore. You are competing with some of the best candidates in the same field. Everyone is vying for the same coveted position, so recruitment officers are faced with dozens, if not hundreds, of applications daily.

This is where a succinct and creative summary of your work experience comes in. Do not expect the hiring personnel to go all the way to the middle or even end of your resume to derive what your work experience and qualifications are. It must be at the very beginning of your resume, carefully crafted, and in not so many words. In this case, less is more.

Language and tone are keys.

Depending on the firm you are applying for, use the verbiage that best suits your compatibility with them or the position you are applying for.

Most of the time, writing style affects your chances of getting hired. Especially since you are only being deliberated virtually, your online resume is your only chance of making the right impression.

If you are applying for a startup tech company, you would certainly want to convey yourself in a much more relaxed, less formal way. Contrast that with applying for, let’s say, a Fortune 500 company that’s offering remote work openings, you still have to maintain a certain level of formality in the tone of your resume.

All things being equal – experience, qualifications, skills and character traits – the messaging of your resume will spell the difference.

Promote yourself by showcasing your skills and capabilities.

No matter how formal or casual the tone of your resume is, it would still be a crime to just drone on and on about work experience without thinking about the form and order by which a recruitment officer or employer will peruse through your resume.

A section entirely dedicated to your skills – not just your qualifications – will prove to be extremely helpful since it creates an easier flow for employers to read. Are you a self-starter? Do you work well under pressure? Can you handle multiple tasks all at once? These are details that will not only be helpful for an employer to know but could help you get hired as well.

Stand out by stating your ability to work with minimal to no supervision.

The beauty of working remotely is that a supervisor doesn’t have to hover over your shoulder to see that you are doing your job or that you have finished a work task assigned to you.

The rise in telecommuting has paved the way for the increase in project management software that helps track productivity and efficiency.

So it only makes perfect sense that you highlight in your resume your ability to work without much supervision. Your capacity to function on your own and be able not just to accomplish tasks but to exceed employer expectations will be a distinguishing element that sets you above the rest.

Enumerate all the software, online platforms, and other tech capabilities you know or have.

While traditional skills like communication or analytics are still extremely important, and employers still look for positive personality traits and qualities such as honesty, resourcefulness, and ability to focus, it is best to create a section highlighting all the software that you use or online platforms that you are either familiar with or have mastery over.

For virtual assistants (VA) and overall business managers (OBM) who handle a variety of aspects of the business, they can highlight all the online integrations and platforms that they utilize such as e-commerce websites, web hosting platforms and the like.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned accountant. It would be a mistake to assume that your years of experience will let you coast through the recruitment process. Employers will still look at your ability to use technology to their advantage. Since this is a remote working position, technology will be playing a huge role. Which brings us to the last point…

Emphasize your WiFi connectivity as a plus.

Yes, you read it right. At this day and age, WiFi is king, You can’t get anywhere without having internet or data connectivity. Heck, you can’t even post a TikTok without connectivity, let alone work on an important task virtually.

Even in the recruitment process, if you are ever selected by an employer, do expect to be asked the question about the stability or quality of your internet connection. Because this is so crucial not just in the timeliness of the completion of your tasks but in the efficiency of your communication with your employer. They should have total confidence that they can contact you during work hours (or whatever time you will agree upon), so the importance of internet connectivity cannot be overstated.

A Tailor-fit Resume Separates Yourself from the Herd

If you want to be head and shoulders above everybody else who’s applying for that same coveted remote work position, you have to make sure that the elements mentioned above are clearly stated and defined in your resume.

Your resume should have the perfect balance of aggressively going after the job opening but at the same time emphasizing that you are a catch and definitely an asset to the company you are working for. If you seem too needy, it might put recruiters off. Or conversely, your breeziness can also turn them off or turn them towards another applicant.

While these are helpful tips that will separate you from the rest of the pack, make sure that everything in your resume is true and not a product of overselling yourself. Employers can see right through the dishonesty. Instead, let your work and your true self speak for you.

After all, even though you will only be remotely working for them, they will still enjoy your aura and personality. So don’t stray away from who you really are. Let your body of work and your skillset propel you to the right career path that is best for you. Tweaking your resume with these helpful tips will get you far, but if you are not able to back it up with actual credentials and skills, you still won’t make the cut.

Happy job hunting!

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