Why Outsourcing of Remote Employees Works for Us

Borderless Employment

Human resource is integral to the success of a company. Even with the advent of technology and automation, human integration is still necessary because of intangible and unprogrammable elements such as creativity and innovation.

Personnel recruitment has evolved over the years as globalization and technological advancements enabled borderless employment. Most of the major companies all over the world such as Google and Amazon have thousands of employees working remotely either locally or internationally. 

Technology, health care and pharmaceuticals, eCommerce, telecommunications, education, and even banking – no matter what the industry, outsource to remote workers has been the go-to recruitment and employment method. 

Our company is no different…

Outsourcing to remote working has proven to be extremely beneficial for us since we first started hiring staff remotely. Cost efficiency and productivity are the top advantages of this setup, but there are other benefits that we also continue to enjoy.

5 Reasons Why We Outsource to Remote Workers

1. It’s extremely cost-efficient for both the company and staff.

It would be quite dishonest for us to say that cost isn’t the number one consideration when we started hiring remotely. Since most work tasks now can be assigned and accomplished virtually, it makes more sense for employers like us to invest less in infrastructure and more on the growth and profit-building aspects of the business.

Hiring remotely allows businesses to do away with more than half of their maintenance costs. A company can now operate even with just the smallest area space and only a few staff physically reporting to the office. The rest of the workforce are safely working in their homes or in any coffee shop or coworking space of their choice, usually, the ones nearest or most convenient for them to frequent.

Employees find working remotely budget-friendly as well. One, and this might sound funny but it’s true, they no longer have to spend so much on clothing to wear to work or accessories to complement their outfits. They also cut costs for commuting to work or traveling to their office location and save tons of money for dining out our eating lunch as well. Instead, they can budget their finances better by having less work-related expenses.

2. It allows companies to take advantage of the skills and wisdom of overseas talents.

The beauty of outsourcing to remote workers is that you hire people who have the ability to collaborate and contribute to the goals of your company. And this doesn’t have to just be within the 10-kilometer radius of your office location. You have the unique opportunity to hire people from different cultures and practices who can bring a diverse set of skills and capabilities to your company. This is what we enjoy the most, working across boundaries and cultures.

When you broaden your recruitment search outside your locality, it can bring new insights into the way you do business. What you normally do doesn’t necessarily work for other cultures, and this teaches you to streamline your business operations to standards that are more globally acceptable. This signal’s a company’s readiness to be globally competitive and a melting pot of cultures.

3. It gives you the opportunity to explore new potential markets.

Diversity at the workplace through remote work setup doesn’t only bring innovations to your human resource, it even presents opportunities to expand your business to attract a more global market. Diversity brings forth business innovations that a company wouldn’t normally consider because they are limited by the business insights they mine locally.

If you are a Western business that outsources remotely to Southeast Asian countries, you have the opportunity to mine valuable consumer data available in that location through your remote staff. It’s like getting free leads generation and market research all wrapped up into one. 

Outsourcing to remote workers is almost equivalent to putting up an offshore branch or office in that particular area because you are making your remote employee a stakeholder in your company.

4. It promotes productivity and fosters creativity.

Having a remote working setup is more intellectually stimulating for most employees because they get to allocate their time well. This breeds innovation and allows for more productivity and efficiency at work.

Contrary to traditional insights, having a flexible work setup can be more financially rewarding for companies because it allows your employees to maximize their output without being constrained by working hours or physical office setup.

Human resource studies conclude that giving flexible working hours produces more productivity than being confined in traditional work hours. As long as your employees know their deliverables, and you are able to maximize your project management platforms, you can expect more productivity and efficiency.

5. It emphasizes authentic work-life balance.

Millennials, which make up the majority of the workforce, place high importance on balancing personnel and work life. They don’t like the idea of spending 10 to 12 hours a day cooped up inside an office or hunched in their desks, typing maniacally. 

Instead, they want the freedom to be able to do what they want to do. They want the ability to manage their time well, allocating their energy for different things aside from work. This may seem a disadvantage for traditional thinkers and businesses who have been used to the good-old-days when you can hold your employees prisoner inside the office for a good half of their day. 

But this isn’t the case anymore, especially with millennial employees. With the skills that they have and the availability of other companies scouting to infuse young blood in their workforce, they can easily switch employment and look for the best possible option that can give them what they ultimately long for: freedom in life while aspiring for success.Outsourcing

Enjoy the Pros of Outsourcing Remotely

Whether you are still debating if you will try outsourcing to remote workers, the best thing to do is conduct more research on the advantages that this recruitment and employment setup brings. 

You will encounter studies that will show the cons such as difficulty in managing overseas workforce, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Plus, every risk factor presented can be countered with an efficient and viable solution that can bring wonders to your company.

The time to act is now. As the world is being continuously shaped by global events and historic phenomena, the major benefits of hiring remotely can bring more profit and success to your business. And this is what we hold on to. Proving to be effective for us: to hire remote workers continually and progressively.

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