Scaling Your Business Through Hiring Remote Workers

The saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” could not be truer than in a working setup.

Most employers used to have the misconception that doing things in-house or “within the family” is better than outsourcing since you have more control over crucial aspects of the operations.

However, this is no longer the case, as is proven by the surge in outsourcing to remote workers for the past decade, particularly in the Asian region wherein a bevy of highly-capable and skilled remote workers are more than eager to get hired.

How hiring remote workers can help you scale?

1. Remote workers can help with entry-level works so your core members can develop and advance their positions.

There are a lot of remote workers who either just started in the industry or are more than willing to take on entry-level work. They know their role and how they fit into the team, so they can work with tasks that others might seem trivial or basic.

Nominal as it may seem especially to most Westerners who expect a lot from their first job or maybe think too highly of themselves, these basic and simple tasks are quite important to make your operations flow with ease. If everybody else wants to do the shiny, lucrative work, and no one is willing to take on the “dirty work”, how else can the company scale, let alone progress?

2. Remote workers can help with paperwork or back-end works so your team can do more sales and convert more clients at in-person meetings.

Let’s face it: it’s difficult to find people who are willing to handle the paperwork. It’s tedious, routinary, and less “glamorous” than, let’s say, PR work, events, or marketing.

However, this paper and back-end work are the vital cogs that keep systems and operations going. Without skilled people assigned to these tasks, your business won’t get to the point of boosting sales or creating market awareness. So these tasks are as crucial and must be handled with integrity.

3. Remote workers can contribute more ideas for your team and create a well-planned strategy or execution.

Synergism is achieved first through having a diverse set of concepts and ideas that are joined together and harmonize which each other for a common purpose or to achieve a common goal.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that remote workers can infuse innovation in your meetings and strategy sessions. Because of their background and influences, they can contribute creative ideas and programs that you might not see given your own set of influences and exposure.

4. Hiring remotely can help to explore more markets or do market research through digital access.

Though countries like China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea have opened up to much of the world, a huge part of Asia is still relatively untapped. Companies aiming for globalization still have a lot to gain from hiring remotely to countries such as Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia since these countries produce some of the most highly skilled and talented workers that have the potential to improve and innovate your business.

But that’s not all there is to it. By hiring remote workers from Asia, you are opening the gateway to gaining knowledge and mining significant data about various cultures, commercial markets, buying and spending patterns, trends and preferences. Hiring remotely to these areas gives you unlimited access to valuable information you can use to improve your business operations.

5. Unclog your work operations through hiring remote workers.

The BPO industry, in particular, can optimize this advantage. Because they require a lot of manpower but also want to decrease costs in order to maximize profits, they cannot afford to hire locally. Also, they will be met with a lot of friction since applicants from more developed countries who do not want the jobs that they normally offer.

By hiring remotely, they are gaining the benefits of hiring skillful workers that are willing to do customer support and the like, at less cost.

6. Growing your business means having the best team on board.

To maximize the bottom line, companies have to build their operations to scale. Scaling is a result of maximizing the contributions and efforts of employees so the company can get the best results.

Maximizing profits can also be attained through minimizing costs, and that’s another benefit that outsourcing to remote workers brings. Hiring remote workers is more cost-efficient because you get more out of what you spend on wages. Aside from the fact that remote workers are known to be skillful and productive in what they do, they also charge less because they come from countries that have a lower cost of living as compared to most Western and off-shore companies.

In business, finding the best mix of people to make up your team is like hitting the jackpot because your team will work seamlessly and productively without having the need to meet physically. And this happens more often than not when hiring remote workers.

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