Hiring Vietnamese Talents to Boost Your Business

The rise of international remote work and outsourcing already had its momentum in the last decade. However, this was proven efficient once again after the hit of the global COVID-19 pandemic, wherein travel restrictions affected the labor landscape across the world and disrupted business revenues.

Although the pandemic reinforced international borders, it somehow dissolved digital borders and international remote work much accessible, boosting both businesses and employees alike. This trend is being embraced fully by Vietnamese employees.

Cultural Insights on Vietnam

One will find a slightly different work dynamic in Vietnam in comparison with many Asian countries. In general, Vietnamese employees would rather work from home. Vietnamese culture has such strong family ties that it is quite a difficult decision to put careers over families. Their pride for their cultural heritage and history is also something that keeps them from going overseas. These cultural reasons, tied with their exceptional pool of talent, make Vietnam a strategic nation for recruitment outsourcing and online jobs.

5 Reasons Why Vietnam Has Exceptional Talent Pool

1. Young workforce

Vietnam has a very young population, with those aged 21 to 34 making up around 24% of the entire population. This young age group are at their healthiest, most productive selves and are able to gain more knowledge and skills effectively from other age groups. The country is also keen on producing highly skilled and competent young people for different industries. On average, the country produces up to 400,000 college graduates annually and the number increases each year.

This “golden age” demographic makes Vietnam a promising place for both domestic and foreign enterprises which are planning to expand their operations or outsource their workforce to another country.

2. Highly skilled digital and industrial talent

Going further into the education and training of Vietnam’s workforce, these can be classified into two: manual and high-quality workers. According to statistics of 2019, Vietnam boasts a labor force of 60 million workers, growing more than one million per annum. From this workforce, 42% are engaged in the agricultural sector, 35% in the service sector, and 23% in the industry. These figures imply that education and training in Vietnam equip the people for jobs demanding top-notch skills and talent.

Vietnam is also making massive investments into its education system, particularly in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. They have developed a thriving IT industry with a pool of software developers and IT experts. This growing pool of highly skilled digital talent is compatible with the fast-changing technological landscape in business and its increasing demand for online-based jobs.

3. Hard-working remote employees

Vietnamese are known for their hard work, competence, cleverness, and discipline. These traits were historically proven to be embedded in their communities during the wars.

Today, the Vietnamese workforce continues in upholding these values and traits, by keeping up-to-date with the developments in global industries and technology. Vietnamese workers are known to be intelligent, industrious, and eager to learn and adapt to new skills. They are agile and have the ability to quickly adapt to new work setups.

Career advancement is a huge motivator for Vietnamese employees, making them flexible in their working hours and motivating them to rise from the pressure in order to advance their careers.

4. Cost-efficient

In general, salaries in Vietnam are relatively low, even though it is already on the rise each year. You can already acquire highly skilled employees at lower salaries as compared to India, China, and Thailand.

The average daily minimum wage in Vietnam ranges from VND 3,070,000 (USD 133) to VND 4,420,000 (USD 192), depending on the employee’s location, the average salary will depend on the nature of the job.

5. International mindset

Starting from a young age, Vietnamese students show amazing aptitude in schools and universities. They are taught to be confident and proud of their country, by embodying good values in workplaces especially when dealing with international partners.

They are respectful and polite to foreigners as being employed by a foreign company is often regarded as a sign of prestige and higher career achievement. Not to mention, companies also find Vietnamese workers more loyal than those from other countries.

Best Talents for Your Business

It is no surprise that Vietnam is a popular destination for recruitment, outsourcing, and remote work. Whether the work is part-time, freelance, or full-time, the Vietnamese workforce has proven themselves capable and reliable.

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